Look Hot In A Brazilian Bikini Even If You Are Not Brazilian

July 27th, 2014

During the World Cup 2014 we all got a great view of beatiful women wearing some of the most enticing bikinis ever made. If you want to wear a  brazilian bikini and own it then you will need to start hitting the gym and toning your muscles. These tips are also application to women who want to wear a  triangle string bikini or minimal tanlines bikini . The good news is you don’t have to starve yourself but you will need to cut out the soad and sugar laced drinks that you consume without even giving it a 2nd thought. In the past people thought fat was the enemy but it turns out that sugar is the leading cause of obesity and while we are not fighting the battle of the bulge you have to diet properly if you want to look amazing in a Brazilian bikini.


While eating a balanced diet is key you have to get a considerable amount of cardio work on a daily basis to speed up your metabolism and burn off all of those extra calories you got by drinking beer and eating pizza. Aim for a minimum of 1 hour a day of cardio and if possible bump it up to 2 hours per day. You may feel like moaning or complaining and we know it is tough but if havign a hot bdy was easy then everyone would have it but if you are really serious about looking great in a bikini the first step is taking good care of your body and getting in shape so start now and before you know it you will be rocking out at the beach.

String Bikini and Tiny Bikini Sets Online

July 20th, 2014

Consumers that want to buy the right swimwear bikini online must pay close attention to these suggestions if they want to make an informed buying decision. The first thing you need to do is review all of the different types of bikini that are available. Some of the more popular options include the tiny bikini and string bikini. When you have decided on which type of bikini you want to buy you must create a comprehensive list of all the organizations that are selling them over the Internet. The simplest way to locate these retailers is by using the search engines and typing in the particular brand name of the bikini you want to buy.After the search has been processed you should have the names of all the retailers that are selling the specific brand of bikini you want to purchase. Now that you know the names of these retailers you should screen them to make sure they are legitimate before you start looking at the prices being quoted. The easiest way to verify the legitimacy of the retailer is by reading the testimonials that were uploaded by former clients. Once you have read over all of these comments it should become clear to you which of these vendors are legitimate and which are not. Now that you know which of these retailers are suitable you need to look over the prices that each of them are quoting for the swimwear you want to buy. While reviewing the prices that are being listed you also need to include the cost of delivery if that was not already included in the quote. When you have all of the pricing information you can make the right buying decisions. This is the proper way to buy bikinis online so go on the Internet right now and start doing your research on where to buy a tiny bikini.

Absolutely the Best Rain Coat Ever!!

July 18th, 2014

Great store where i bought this at! I got this rain coat so I could take it to my 12-day Europe trip. I wanted a simple multipurpose jacket for the fall and spring that could also stand up to rain. I was rainy season in Europe so this jacket was a life-saver. I carried it with me in my backpack, and took it out several times a day when it started raining as I was sight seeing. It is everything it said it was; it surpasses all my expectations also. It is water proof, it is lined, it is long enough, it comes with a zipper and a waist tie, it has a great hood with a draw string in it, and it served it purpose of keeping me warm. The other things I love about it, is that it is light, it is stylish, it doesn’t make me overly warm, and it keeps me dry above all else. I didn’t even carry an umbrella; I just used this coat whenever I needed it. Take a look at some more info on this product! It would dry fast and when it stopped raining, I ‘d put it back in my backpack. I always wanted a nice rain coat, but this is my first one and I’m 46! It you want the best rain coat at a great price, I recommend this one hands down. It is made of great materials, it cost-effective, does the job, and is made to last! Absolutely the Best Rain Coats Ever!!

What To Look For In A MP3 Player

July 16th, 2014

Welcome to the digital age! Who could have thought a decade back that cassette record player will be replaced by compact and ultra-light digital audio players most popularly known as MP3 players. These days you can find MP3 players that are as small as the USB device with a dual function. There are some popular brands like the Apple I-Pod, the Microsoft Zune, Creative, Sandisk, Isonic etc. Most of the mp3 players today have a high memory capability and multiple functions. The memory can range from 1GB to 60 GB.You can find some attractive and useful mp3 players at Fuzing.com, which is a mega store for different products and services. You will find mp3 players, mp4 players, mp3 player with a repeater and recorder and many more. You can check out the mp3 player by Elking with the following features:* MP3 / WMA / MPX (can transfer WMA, WMV, ASF, MPEG, MPG, MOV, and AVI into AMV)* Enhances digital voice recording and supports 8 hour of recording for 128M as well as VOX recording* Can be used as a USB flash disk and is available in 128MB | 256MB | 512MB | 1GB built-in memory* It has a LCD of 1.5″ with 65K color display* E-book function and image browsing capabilities* ID3 support and lyric display* Supports multiple languages display like English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Korean, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish* Built-in 7 mode equalizer and A-B repeat function* Requires a rechargeable lithium battery * Comes with a 1 year warranty * Available Colors are black and red * Accessories include earphone, USB cable, CD drive for Windows 98, charger and user manualDifferent mp3 players have different configurations and have different functional capabilities. Some of the mp3 players come with basic functions and buttons while others have complex functionalities and jazzy buttons. So when you are out there in the market to find the right mp3 player then you need to look for the following functionalities:i. Memory: The first thing that you should consider is the memory. There is no point buying an mp3 player with 30GB memory if you are not going to use it for storing other files like videos or presentations. 30GB of memory space is a lot for storing just mp3 or audio files. Of course, it will be useless to pick up a mp3 player with 1GB of space if you love to listen to music or if you plan to transfer all your mp3 files into the player. Look for a flash memory player that has at least 64MB onboard memory.ii. Connection: This is an important aspect of all mp3 players. Connection refers to the compatibility to your computer. There are only a few mp3 players that offer wireless transfer of files but most of the mp3 players offer two options: USB and FireWire. Whether your mp3 player has the USB option or the FireWire option, you will need a cable, which will be included in the packaging box itself. The cable will connect the mp3 player to the USB port of your computer so that you can easily transfer files from the computer to the mp3 player or vice-versa. The USB compatibility is the most popular and common connection today. It works well with both the PC and the Mac and are compliant with USB 1.1 and 2.0. FireWire primarily supports connection to the Mac.iii. Display: The display is also an important aspect of any mp3 player. Most of the mp3 players available today have a display screen although the size of the screen will vary from player to player. If you are buying a small mp3 player then the display screen might be as small as 12x30mm or it can be as big as 2.5’”. The display screen will let you know what music is being played, the time, and other important information. The display screen will also help you to operate the main menu so that you can choose a particular function.iv. Type of files: All mp3 players can save or play particular audio files or convert a particular type of audio file into an mp3 file. So when you are shopping for an mp3 player, you need to find a player that can play Mp3 and support WMA as well as AAC audio files. Apart from that the mp3 player should also be able to support MPEG4-SP, MJPEG, WMV9, DivX 4/5, and XviD.These are some of the most important aspects of an mp3 player that will help you to make an informed choice. Apart from these aspects, any extra functions will also be useful like FM radio, Clock & alarm, voice recorder etc.

Shop for Bikini Sets in a Smart Way

July 15th, 2014

Any woman what wants to buy bikini sets online really should do their research if they want to save money and reduce their chances of being ripped off. Start by going on the Internet right now and writing the names of all the retailers that are selling bikini sets over the Internet. When you have the names of these vendors you should look at the different types of bikini sets that are being sold until you find a particular style that you like the most.

Having found the style that interests you, then you can look to see who has the best price on it online. Remember that online prices are always going to be better than local retailers. This is due to their lower overheads, not having to pay as much for salary or lease translates directly into savings for you the end consumer. This is especially true when it comes to buying a string bikini online as the shipping does not cost very much either.

After you have found the style of bikini top that appeals to you it is time to start comparing the prices being quoted by each of these vendors. While comparing the prices you should find out whether the quote will also cover delivery costs. Now that you know which of these vendors has the best pricing you can buy the bikini sets you truly want. Remember to factor in taxes and the cost of shipping as well. Sometimes if you look around you can find an online retailer that offers free shipping.

Leg openings too tight, but an interesting and hold-you-in suit

July 14th, 2014

This would be great for lap swimming/water fitness/surfing, based on just trying it on. I haven’t actually worn it to swim in yet, however. But it definitely FEELS secure when dry, and reminds me (in terms of the straps) of the Speedos I have that are great for lap swimming and active water play.Please note, the elastic around the leg is NOT very forgiving and is tighter than the rest of the suit. In other words, the actual suit fit me perfectly and I would not want a bigger size, but the leg opening cut into my thigh a bit too much. If you have thin legs/thin thighs like the model in the picture, it won’t be an issue at all. OR if you have thick thighs but they are TONED, it would not be an issue. Just for me, I have “athletic legs” but they aren’t toned at the moment, so the leg bands cut in a little funny. Not terribly uncomfortable, however, so if you aren’t concerned so much about how the leg part looks, you probably don’t even have to worry about it.There is A LOT of coverage up top – NO worries about falling out on top OR the sides – I have wide shoulders and big boobs (32 DDD) and no spillage whatsoever. If you have a fatty/rolly back, the straps will cut in a bit around and below the shoudler blades. Not uncomfortable, but may look a little funny. Check out fixes to this issue here.The plain/unpatterned navy blue fabric across the middle may also emphasize a round tummy. I feel like mine looked…not spectacular haha but not heinous. If you like your butt, you’ll like this suit. It is the equivalent of spandex/compression shorts, so it will reveal the exact shape of your butt cheeks, just FYI. But for me, I liked it because it doesn’t cut across the butt/cheek-meets-leg line at all. If you are tall (5’6″ and over), the legs will fit more like boy short undies on your leg. If you are 5’3″ and under, they will fit more like boxer briefs/4″ inseam compression shorts.

Best Pair Of Socks I Have Bought So Far

July 14th, 2014

My shoe size is 9.5-10. The socks in the “Large” category for that shoe size were too big and loose fitting. So I ordered a Medium size which was a perfect fit for me! The socks are very comfortable a size smaller and aren’t too tight. They fit perfectly. These are great socks especially for runners, hikers or long distance walkers. The fabric is thin at the top of the lower toe area which allows sweat to escape the sock and helps to keep your feet dry. These socks are designed to prevent slipping inside the shoes as well. I don’t remember experiencing any slipping, so I guess they’re working as far as that goes. One thing I’m highly disappointed in however is the durability of the fabric in a part of the sock that doesn’t get worn or stepped on or scraped against. There’s an area that’s VERY prone to tear where the point of the gray fabric meets the black fabric at the heal on both sides of the sock. I don’t know why or how, but so far, 3 pairs out of 12 pairs of socks have been damaged to the point that I can’t wear them anymore. This might be a design flaw. Click Here for more detailed information on these socks.Pros: As long as you get a size down from your shoe size, they’ll fit snug and will be very comfortable. They also look good in skater shoes and low ankle Vans and Convers shoes as well. They help sweat to escape by the see-through fabric on top of the toe area and they prevent slipping inside shoes to allow for better performance when running or other sports that require balance and stamina.Cons: The sizing isn’t very good. Medium is for shoe size 4-8.5, but my shoe size is 9.5-10 and the medium socks fit perfectly. The large socks don’t fit me and are too long and too loose for me. There may be a sewing or design defect on the sides of the socks where the point of the gray fabric meets the black fabric as the fabric is prone to large holes in that one area.Overall: I’ll continue buying more of these socks from my go to store in a smaller size despite the possible sewing or design defect as the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Outdoor LED Light Fixtures

July 11th, 2014

The first factor to consider is the technique that you want to use in the outdoor lighting project. The technique refers to the manner in which you want to light your yard, wall or fence. Will you prefer an up or down lighting, light sprinkler or wall wash lighting? If you know the technique, then it will be easier to get the right outdoor LED light fixtures from Dlc-Lumisheet. It is advisable to make the lighting more classical by employing several techniques to produce a beautiful outdoor lighting effect.

The second factor to think of is the amount of lighting you want to accomplish. For instance, if you want to get your yard lit up, you will consider the size of the yard first. This will determine the number of the LED light fixtures needed to accomplish the lighting. This will also bring in the issue of the light intensity needed for that particular fixture. In order to achieve the desired outdoor lighting effect, you need to determine the total number of lumen you will require for the exercise. That approach will lead you into purchasing the right equipment.

The other important factor that we cannot afford to leave out is the location and environment in which the fixtures will be placed. Will the light fixture be able to cope with the external factors such as harsh weather and human mishandling? For instance, if you want an outdoor lighting for illuminating water features such as fountains, you would definitely seek for the water tight LED light fixtures. These water tight fixtures are also preferred in places that are prone to heavy rains throughout the year. The outdoor lighting fixtures should be strong enough to offer mutilation resistance to any mishandling by human activities such as lawn mowing. This feature is common in most LED flood lighting.

Finally, we should put safety ahead of everything we do. Let us assume that you have settled and you are ready to install your outdoor lighting. The manner in which your lighting will be fixed will determine the safety measures to take. It is always a good idea to work hand-in-hand with professionals. In order to be on the safe side, hire a professional electrical wiring technician to install all your LED light fixtures.

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LED Flat Panels

July 8th, 2014

A L.E.D is nothing but a short name for a light emitting diode.It’s a semiconductor based light providing source.A L.E.D can produce different colours and intensities based on the band gap and voltage applied for a specific set of L.E.D.They are used in mobile displays,TV’s,bulbs etc.The reason they are so popular is due to the fact they can last very long,are easy to produce and consume very less energy.They are used in different shapes and sizes for different uses.They can provide faster switching and are physically robust.Market is full of L.E.D based products nowadays,like automotive headlamps,traffic signals,cameras,aviation and other lighting uses.One new use that has risen in the past few years is LED flat panel technology. Let’s see how it works and why is it so popular :-

You may have come across huge advertising boards,ever wondered how they work?These boards are based on LED panels because of their high switching rate they can produce sharp text and videos at a very affordable price.Because they are programmable they can produce a marvellous visual treat for anyone looking.They are an array of LED’s sometimes used for illumination be it for a house,inside of a car,stage lighting or any other task as the brightness can be adjusted perfectly. 

There are two types of these flat panels or LED panels what they are commonly known as,one is is a conventional surface mounted panel using discrete LED’s.Most indoor and outdoor screens,billboard panels and signs are based this technology.The other panel is known as individually mounted LED’s.It is a cluster of green,blue and red diodes combined together to form a full color pixel,usually square.Large TV screens and ceiling lightings are based on this technology. They can be up to 500 meters long,which is the current record for the largest LED panel.This panel consists of very small LED’s and is controlled with the help of driver PC board.Indoor TV,screens and monitors also use this technology.

Source: http://www.dlc-lumisheet.com/

So happy to ditch my “girdle one piece magic swim suit” for something sassy!

July 8th, 2014

Hello ladies! I ordered this because I hated my one piece and a lot of girls my size seemed pleased with theirs. I’ve recently gained 50lbs and am still accepting it…Anyway, I am 5’7 and 190lbs. I’m a women’s dress pant size 16 (waist high trousers). I fit size 14 blazers, and large or xl blouses. I wear a 34dd at Victoria’s secret. I preface that because I know there’s no way I’m a true DD and VS likes to make it’s ladies think they have big boobs than they really do.I ordered an XL and XXL in this swim suit (floral) because I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait the suit was too big or too small! The floral pattern is actually very adorable and much more subtle and classy than I expected from the picture. The XXL was much easier to slip on at first, but I knew it would be saggy in the water. As far as the XL, both top and bottom fit perfectly. Some women would think it feels snug, but my suits always stretch in the water so I am sticking with it. You can access a sizing chart for this swimsuit by Clicking Here.I agree with the other ladies in the wish that the center spacing in the top wasn’t so wide. My breasts are wide set, so it looks fine, but the top just seems cuter when I synch that part together. I’m tempted to order the L and see if the center of the top would be less obvious. Also, I wish the straps were like bra straps, in that they connected in the back on the bottom strap….The halter hurts my neck a little. If I loosen it, my ladies shall make a full appearance because of the wide center in front!! Another thing is that I find some areas in the seams along the armpit to be a little uncomfortable. But, I’m used to paying 120 for swim suits and you can only expect so much perfection with a 20 suit.Overall, happy with the suit and that I feel kinda confident in this number! Incase you are interested the store I bought this from to get the sale is located here.